FAQ English

We take the health of our customers and employees seriously and closely follow the development of the Corona virus. We adapt to advice given by the Public Health Authority on how to reduce the spread of the infection:

• Employees with cold symptoms do not come to work.

• A significant part of our course take place outside.

• Customers with cold symptoms are encouraged to stay at home. We offer free re-booking. If a customer shows up with illness symptoms and we make the assessment that there may be a risk of spreading the infection, we can deny participation.

• We wipe the cars internally between each group of customers. At Stora Holm Trafikövningsplats, the students always sit alone in the car.

• We have plexiglass in our reception.

•Washing instructions are put up wherever needed.

• Alcohol testing is used on a regulary basis.

We continuously monitor developments and will make new assessments as needed.

Price list English courses:

Car risk part 1 (theory) – 900 kr

Car risk part 2 (practice) – 2300 kr

Car risk part 1 & 2 (full day) – 3200 kr

If you have any questions regarding our prices feel free to contact us.

Phone: 031-55 90 40
E-mail: info@storaholm.se

When you book the risk education through our booking system you can pay with Swish, Visa or Mastercard. You can also choose to receive a bill that needs to be payed within 14 days of the purchasing day. If you choose the latter option there will be a billing fee of 50 kr added.

Stora Holm Trafikövningsplats is located at Holmvägen 55 in Gothenburg. If you are travelling by car follow the signs towards Stora Holm. If you are using a GPS or Google Maps just write the address Holmvägen 55.

If you are travelling by bus take the number 35 towards Säve or Stora Holm. Our stop is called Trafikövningsbanan. Follow the signs toward Stora Holm Trafikövningsplats and when you walk past the gates keep going straight forward until you see a grey house with the signs NTF Väst and Stora Holm Trafikövningsplats. Register at the reception inside.  

    • Be there on time.
    • Bring a valid ID.
    • Several of the exercises take place outside so wear clothes according to weather. 
    • Bring an interpreter if you need one. Do not forget to notify us in advance.
    • If you are taking both courses on the same day make sure to bring lunch or a snack. We do also have food for sale in our reception. 
    • It is important that you are at the end of your training so that you can manage the exercises. You need to have passed the risk education in order to take the theoretical driver licence test.

You can find more information here.

You need to be 16 years old to do the theoretical risk education, part 1. To do the practical course, part 2, you need to be 17 years old. The age limits are the same for both car and mc. You do not need to do the courses in a specific order.

You do not need a driving license permit in order to do the risk education. However, you do need to be at the end of your training to be able to pass the practical course, part 2.

Remember to bring a valid ID.

You need to have passed the risk education before you can take the driving license test.

The theoretical courses for car and mc will take 3 and a half hour. The practical courses will take 4 hours.

If you need a translator, you need to bring one yourself at your own expense. Please notify us if you are bringing a translator when you book the course.

The translator needs to be older than 15 years old. The translator cannot be a participant in the course.

The translator does not have to be authorized.

You need to be present during the entire course in order to pass it. If you are late our miss your course, we will unfortunately not be able to repay the course fee.

You can cancel your course up until the course starts. This is easily done through our booking system, where you can also book a new time. If you want to cancel a course without booking a new one the payment will be repaid to you. This does not happen automatically but you will need to contact us after you cancel the course.

We sell simple ready meals as well as snacks at our reception. The coffee is free of charge! If you are about to spend the whole day here, we recommend that you bring lunch. There are microwaves available if you want to heat your food.

There are a few lunch restaurants close by, around 5-10 min by car. At walking distance there is Restaurang Stora Holm, you can find more information about the restaurants here

Note that we have limited offers of food and snacks on the weekends. 

If you have any questions regarding our risk education feel free to call us: 031-55 90 40.

You can also send an e-mail to: info@storaholm.se