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This education is for you who intend to get a driving license or need to update your driving license to Swedish regulations.

The risk education consists of two parts. Both courses are mandatory for everyone who will do the driving test in Sweden. You can take them separately or on the same day.

After successfully passing this education, we will inform Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency) of your results.

Risk education part 1

The first part is called Car risk part 1. It is a theoretical exercise where we discuss risks that are common while driving such as how speed, alcohol or drugs, exhaustion and your own behavior affect your driving capacity. The course is held in a classroom.

Risk education part 2

Halkan, halkkörning, Risktvåan, Risk 2 or Riskutbildning part 2. In Sweden, we call this the second part of your Driving Safety Course, by many names. But what it is ultimately about is to make you a better driver.

Skid pan driving, or skid training, is an experience for life. Learning how your car will react to different road conditions is hugely important for you as a driver. But it is also an incredible feeling you will never forget.

You will be driving a car in different speeds and situations, learning how the vehicle behaves and what it feels like driving on slippery surfaces.

Risk 1 + 2 Full day

We offer you to complete your Risk Education in only one day! This option will save you both time and money. You will get a day of interesting theoretical knowledge and skid pan training that is both fun and gives you invaluable insight.


What do I need to know?


Bring identification and be on time. Your full attendance is required to pass the course.

Practise driving

Do not book a course too early during your driving license education. You should be at the end of your driver's license education by the time you come to us. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to execute the tasks accurately, and you will not pass the course.

Dress for the weather

Parts of Risk 2 take place outside. Dress accordingly.

Bring food

If you are here for the whole day – bring food.

Pay attention

You need to participate actively during the course.

Completing the course.

When you have passed the course, we will rapport this to the Transportstyrelsen.

FAQ (English)

I need an interpreter, what should I do?

If you need to bring an interpreter, you must let us know when you book your course. Check the box above to let us know.

What happens after I make my booking? Can I cancel?

Your booking is complete when your payment is accepted. You will then receive a confirmation email with your password to the booking page. Cancellations are accepted up until the start of the course and done through our booking system. Here you can also choose a different date for your class. If you are no longer interested in doing the course, we will reimburse you. You will need to contact us directly for this.

At what level should my driving skills be before I do Risk 2?

You need to have advanced driving skills to participate successfully in the Risk 2 course. During the Risk 2 course, you need to prove that you can manage heavy deceleration, adjust your speed according to the task and safely maneuver the vehicle. Because of this, you should wait until the end of your driving license training.

Do you provide automatic transmission cars?

All our cars have automatic transmissions and are either hybrids or electric. What type of car you drive in your Risk 2 course does not have to be the same as your driver’s test.

How do I get to Stora Holm?

Search for Holmvägen 55 (417 46 Göteborg) in your map app, and you will easily find your way.

How long is Risk 1 and 2?

The Risk 1 course is 3 hours and 30 minutes including breaks.

The Risk 2 course is 4 hours and 15 minutes including breaks.

The full-day course usually lasts between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with breaks including time for lunch.

Mimmi Mo Nordling
Mimmi Mo Nordling
Det var kul och lärorikt
Kevin Falk
Kevin Falk
Gör din riskutbildning här.
Carlos Robles
Carlos Robles
Vanessa Ivanovs
Vanessa Ivanovs
Took Risk 2 with Eva in English. The course was very good, instructive and educational real life situations. Even tough I’ve been driving for many years, it was worth to learn (even as an obligation for the Swedish license ☺️). Eva was an incredible instructor with many year experience and passion for the education she was giving. 🌟
Laleska Palacios
Laleska Palacios
Amazing experience, you learn a lot 😄 and amazing teachers
Jesica Gomez
Jesica Gomez
Eva is an amazing teacher