Risk education in english

This education is for you who intend to get a driving license or need to update your driving license to Swedish regulations.

It consists of two parts. The first part is called Car risk part 1. It is a theoretical exercise where we discuss risks that are common while driving such as how speed, alcohol or drugs, tiredness and your own behavior affect your driving capacity. The second is called Car risk part 2 and is a practical education. You will be driving a car in different speeds and situations, learning how the vehicle behaves and what it feels like driving on slippery surfaces.

Both courses are mandatory. You can take them separately or on the same day. If you want to do both parts on the same day, choose Car Risk 1 and 2 (full day) when you book on the website.

After successfully passing this education we will inform Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency) of your results.

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Car Risk 1
Car Risk 2
Car Risk 2 Weekend
Car Fullday Risk 1 and 2

Real skidpan

Our tracks are very slippery. Without any help you will get to experience the feeling of loosing control, and learning och to handle it.

Alone in the car

For the first time you will be able to drive alone in the car, without any instructor sitting next to you.


You will get a true to life and unique experience within safe conditions.

Experienced staff

Our experienced instructors will guide you through the course and help you become a safe driver.

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